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Chinatown Chop Suey

Chinatown Chop Suey

A tasty blend of textures: tangy tomato gravy loaded with vegetables/meat, served over crispy-fried noodles.

For all those, who desire to have something light and nutritious in between their meals, here is a perfect pick. The Chinatown Chop Suey from Happy Hakka has a tasty blend of textures with tangy tomato gravy served over crispy fried noodles. The gravy is loaded with cooked vegetables and therefore, the American-Chinese dish is also known as vegetable noodles by many food lovers in India. You can have the same in your lunch or dinner too!

Of course, there are more variations to suit the appetite of non-vegetarians. Traditionally, the dish was loaded with seafood or meat, but in India, it experiences a major twist. Seafood and meat get replace by cooked vegetables to cater to the needs of a large number of vegetarians.

Our chef uses only freshly chopped vegetables for preparing the veg noodles to give you a delightful experience. Be it your home, workplace or just any location in a serving range, we will deliver hot Chinatown Chop Suey to you within minutes, and that too in a microwavable packaging.
So, pick up your smartphone and order your Chinatown Chop Suey now!

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