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Pan-Fried Noodles in Peking Sauce

Pan-Fried Noodles in Peking Sauce

Fresh, wok-tossed veggies in a delicious oyster-soy sauce served on a bed of pan-fried noodles.

Now have the taste of traditional Chinese dish i.e. Pan-fried noodles in Peking sauce to satisfy your appetite! The dish is a trademark dish of the Cantonese people who are considered traditional Chinese. What you will get is wok-tossed garden greens in a delicious soy-oyster sauce, served on a bed of pan-fried noodles. Our expert chef heats the wok to a high temperature to make sure your noodles is all evenly crispy in its texture and get a golden brown color!

You will be definitely thrilled to experience the mouth-watering taste of Chinese noodles with fresh vegetables cooked in the thick-brown soy-oyster sauce that is also a key ingredient in many Asian dishes for its ability to add a unique flavor. Of course, we have a variation of the very popular dish for vegetarians too as well as a chicken variation for the non-vegetarians. So, have a complete meal in your bowl by ordering this Chinese delicacy from Happy Hakka!

If you are a little conscious of losing your fat, our pan-fried noodles are just perfect as these are not deep-fried and contain plenty of fresh veggies. We are waiting for your order!

So, pick up your smartphone and order our Pan Fried Noodles in Peking Sauce now!
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